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Corfù, Cefalonia e Zante

Il meglio di Corfù, Cefalonia e Zante

  • aug 4 - H11:15, arrival in Athens (ATH), then taxi drive Airport H12:00 → H12:30 Acropolis (short visit) then taxi drive Acropolis H13:30 → H14:00 to Larissa Railway Station then train from Athens H14:18 → H19:25 Kalambaka (2 nights at the Theatro Hotel Odysseon)
  • aug 5 - full day in Meteora
  • aug 6 - taxi drive from Meteora to Igoumenitsa then ferry crossing to Corfù (4 nights at Bella Mare Hotel)
  • aug 7 - full day Corfù
  • aug 8 - full day Corfù
  • aug 9 - full day Corfù
  • aug 10 - crossing back to Igoumenitsa, taxi drive to Lefkada then ferry Nydri H18:00 → Fiskardo (4 nights at Kefalonia Bay Palace)
  • aug 11 - full day Cefalonia
  • aug 12 - full day Cefalonia
  • aug 13 - full day Cefalonia
  • aug 14 - ferry crossing from Kefalonia Pesada H18:00 → Zakynthos Agios Nikolaos (3 nights at Mabely Grand Hotel)
  • aug 15 - full day Zante
  • aug 16 - full day Zante
  • aug 18 - drop off car at the Airport and fly back H15:45
Useful links
  • Rentals.Com: https://www.rentalcars.com/
  • Kayak Car Rental: https://www.kayak.co.uk/cars
  • Giorgio Dardas Igoumenitsa Taxi: http://www.igoumenitsa-taxi.gr/indexitalika.html
  • Greek Ferry schedules: https://www.gtp.gr/RoutesForm.asp
  • Ferries: https://www.ferries.gr/
  • Ferries: http://www.ferries-greece.com/travel-guide/ionian/paxi/
  • Ferry+Bus Zakynthos to Athens: http://www.zanteisland.com/en/timetable-bus-ferry-zakynthos.php
  • Ferry Kefalonia-Pesada to Zakinthos-AgiosNikolaos: http://www.ionionpelagos.com/en/content/112
  • Ferry Nidra Fiskardo: https://westferry.gr/lefkada-kefalonia-lefkada-ferry-boat-timetables/
  • Ktel Bus Ioannina: http://www.ktelioannina.gr/
  • Ktel Bus Larissa Preveza via Trikala, Kalambaka, Louros: http://www.ktelprevezas.gr/?module=default&pages_id=32&lang=en
  • Ktel Bus Igoumenitsa Lefkada: https://www.ktel-thesprotias.gr/gr/dromologia/hgoumenitsa-leufkada
  • Corfu bus & ferries: http://www.corfu-kerkyra.eu/en/timetable-bus-ferry-corfu.php
  • Bus from Patras to Athens: https://www.patrasinfo.com/en/bus-from-patras-to-athens/
  • Ktel Zakynthos to Athens: https://ktel-zakynthos.gr/en/routes/summer-intercity-schedules/zakynthos-athina-zakynthos
  • Trains: https://tickets.trainose.gr/dromologia/
  • Travel to (and visit) Meteora: https://www.visitmeteora.travel/

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