Portofino - Il belvedere di San Rocco
From the esplanade in front of the church start different paths. If there are threads in the narrow road between the houses, their source of the small square, you go down to Camogli in less than an hour (2 kilometers). It 'a fairly easy path, but often closed by drystone walls and vegetation. Well as the path to Camogli, San Rocco leave even, in the opposite direction, two-way to San Fruttuoso. The first track, very challenging and spectacular, takes two hours and thirty minutes and runs to the coast, almost always with a view to the sea. The second sale in Portofino Summit in about 35 minutes before falling to San Fruttuoso from Stones Srette (it takes 2 hours in all). - See the Portofino map with a complete picture set.

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