Five Lands (Cinque Terre) - Biassa
Pleasant village above Spezia, which can be easily reached along the coast road leading to the Cinque Terre. The village of Biassa is behind the construction of the Coderoni castle ruins erected around 1000-1300 AD Among the maze of his carruggi rises the church of S. Martino with a Renaissance facade. Nearly 800 years ago Biassa was in a much higher location, not very fertile, it was abandoned for the current location, enough elevated not to be easy goal of pirates, and enough sunny to allow the cultivation of vineyards. Turning to 500 m., on the trail 4, which connects Biassa to Schiara, in the area of the Crocetta, at 482 m. there is the Tramonti menhir. This is a rock 2.5 m. high, sticking in the ground and topped by an iron cross, probably dating back to the Bronze Age. It had perhaps primitive astronomical functions. © Meaghan Massoth - See the Five Lands (Cinque Terre) map with a complete picture set.

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