Five Lands (Cinque Terre) - Shrine of Soviore
At 466 meters above the Monterosso sea (Cinque Terre) is the oldest shrine of Liguria. From more than 1200 years, here is venerated an image of Our Lady, famous for its miracles, and for the diligence and the number of pilgrims who frequent her shrine. It is a single block wooden statue representing the Blessed Virgin Mary sitting with the Son who died in her arms. The dating of the building is tied to the legend of the discovery of the effigy of Our Lady after the Longobards destroyed the country of Albareto (VII century). The restoration work has brought to light parts of the church that would be dated to the ninth century. Of particular interest is the facade with the rosette and the portal and the elegant bell tower of stone. It is said that the bricks were taken to Monterosso by sea, up to the shrine by passing from hand to hand. © George Dorsey - See the Five Lands (Cinque Terre) map with a complete picture set.

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