Five Lands (Cinque Terre) - Riomaggiore
The eastern suburb of the Cinque Terre is located in the narrow valley of the Rivus Maior, now covered, and structured by steps. According to the tradition the country dates back to the VIII century and was founded by a group of Greek refugees fleeing from persecution of Leo III. The houses, painted with typical Ligurian colors, follow the pattern of the tower-houses, developed in height on three or four storeys, linked to each other in parallel rows. Access to homes is possible from the main entrance as well as at the rear of the upper floors. In the upper side there is the parish church of St John the Baptist, built in 1340 by order of the bishop of Luni. The oratory of Disciplinati is of the sixteenth century, while the in other side, in an elevated position, there are the remains of the castle of the XV-XVI century. © Gianmarco - See the Five Lands (Cinque Terre) map with a complete picture set.

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