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Titicaca, il Lago in cima al Mondo
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Perł, Ecuador e Colombia:
Arequipa, la Cittą Bianca
Camino Real
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
Da Cuzco ad Ollantaytambo
Il sentiero Inca da Ollanta sino a Machu Picchu
Lima, la capitale
Titicaca, il Lago in cima al Mondo

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Avenida Lima
La disordinata ma vitale Ave Lima, a Puno.  [photo: Karen Yee]

Hotel Casa Andina Classic Plaza (Puno)

Llachon (Lago Titicaca)

Passo La Raya
A 4.335 metri slm il Passo La Raya segna il confine amministrativo tra il distretto di Cuzco e quello di Puno

Passo La Raya

La fortezza di Pucarą
Located in the county of Lampa at 46.6 miles (875 km) N of Puno. Archaeological complex belonging to the Pucarį culture that had its acme between the 550 and 350 BC. Here remains of a great military religious center and a citadel are located, built in stone and adobe. Temple, mortuary cameras, sculptures of human and animal figure, trails and sculpted pottery. Here it had been located ceramic that is characterized to have wide openings and vases with base.

I toritos di Pucarą
Non lontanto dalla fortezza, is located the town in which the famous Pucarį's bulls are marketed, typical handmade pieces of ceramic of this area.

Il tempio di Wiracocha (Raqchi)

Casa Andina (Suasi, Titicaca)

Casa Andina (Suasi, Titicaca)

Isla Taquile (Titicaca)

Isola Taquile (Titicaca)

Isola Taquile (Titicaca)  [photo: John Mc Cabe]

Sillustani (Lago Umayo)
La Necropoli di Sillustani sorge sulle rive del lago Umayo, a una trentina di kilometri circa da Puno. The archaeological site of Sillustani is located 22.3 miles away from the city of Puno (34 Km., 35 minutes drive) and at an altitude of 12,858 feet (3,840mts.) above sea level. This visit allows visitors to enjoy stunning highland landscapes and imposing pre-Inca architecture. The site is strategically positioned on the top of a peninsula surrounded by a beautiful lagoon [...]

Uros (Lago Titicaca)
The Uros indians live on Lake Titicaca, a few Km. away from the city of Puno, on more than 40 floating islands made of Totora, a kind of reed wich grow in the lake, they also used Totora to make their houses, their boats, etc. Nowadays they speak Aymara, the third official language in Peru. [...]
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